four musicians who joined to make the best, their music.

Sophie‘s strong and powerful voice has the drive to bring depthness to the sound. Ready for more, she was shanghaied off stage in an Irish Pub.

Pascal evolved through several other band projects, all the while increasing deftness in composing new riffs and melodies on his guitar. With an abundant source of inspiration, new songs come flowing.

The rhythm backbone of the group are Kasa on bass guitar and Diego on the drums. Both got experience in a lot of projects, though coming from different styles. Additionally Kasa has a background as an engineer, so he is in charge for production.

Just another love song? No way, this is about the end of all lies, as painful as the first punch of a Dark’n’Stormy.

And when you feel the warmth of the rum rising to your heart, have faith, for better sound is coming.